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Search a horse

Here you can search the register for horses. In general, it is enough to fill out one field, but if you are looking for something special, you can also fill all fields according to your needs. Remember: the less you write, the more results you get. So it can come to a longer loading time.

Tips and Tricks

Example: You want to see "Fuchs" (Chestnut) and "Fuchsschecke" (Chestnut Tovero) from Hanoverian stallions for breeding. Then fill the breed, then select the "breeding horse" status and the color you just write "Fuchs" (chestnut).

Note: If you want to sort the horses, for example by owner or color, simply click on the respective heading.

Attention: For a "relative" search you can use the % sign. With that you can find black tobiano with the search black%.

Name Praefix Suffix Color
Breed Gender Potential Genotype
Sire Dam Owner Breeder
Previous owner Status birth year With URL

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