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Vanderbilts Eileen

V-LN: 1790662 - V-ID: 78930
Trakehner Fuchs Mare
159cm Height

Unfortunately deceased. Rest in Peace.

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Born on (according to registry): 01.07.1986


Dressur E, Springen S

Ownership history

Bred by
Gestüt Landroval

Is owned by
inactiv Gestüt Nereus (Nessa)

Vanderbilt II xx

Native Danger xx

privates Zuchtpferd

privates Zuchtpferd

Vajana xx

privates Zuchtpferd

privates Zuchtpferd



privates Zuchtpferd

privates Zuchtpferd


privates Zuchtpferd

privates Zuchtpferd

Offspring in this register

Vanderbilts Eileen has 5 Offspring
Name Birthed Breed Gender Color Sire Owner
Eisvogel GN
v-LN: 7551550 - v-ID: 3502
01.01.1970 Trakehner Stallion Fuchs GNs Rubani
v-LN: 7283771 - v-ID: 54839
Gestüt Nereus
GNs Elwood RGE
v-LN: 7538597 - v-ID: 1793
01.01.1998 Trakehner Stallion Fuchs Anxious Heart ox
v-LN: 57498549 - v-ID: 1094
Nereus Riding Center
Evita GN
v-LN: 3297184 - v-ID: 3556
01.01.1970 Trakehner Mare Fuchs Aquilinos Son
v-LN: 4062130 - v-ID: 4936
Gestüt Nereus
Happy Eileen GN
v-LN: 7717007 - v-ID: 70544
12.02.2018 Trakehner Mare Fuchs Hohenstein
v-LN: 9607790 - v-ID: 85041
Zuchtstall Meiningen
Prinz Felix B
v-LN: 4564494 - v-ID: 2046
01.01.2005 Oldenburger Gelding Fuchs Pargentino
v-LN: 4364457 - v-ID: 45830
Sportpferde Henrich

More information

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Breeding Evaluation

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Vanderbilts Eileen has no awards

Results in the register

Vanderbilts Eileen is not registered at any association

Vanderbilts Eileen has not achieved any national results

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