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GW Storm the Shuttle

V-LN: 1058822 - V-ID: 19260
Irish Sport Horse Dunkelbraun Stallion

Recorded as a breeding horse

This horse is offline
Born on (according to registry): 01.01.1970

Ownership history

Bred by
Gateway Stables

Is owned by
Fiesta Stockhorses

Storm International
v-LN: 7735245
Unbekannt Irish

Storm Cat
Unbekannt Irish Sport Horse



Pink Carnation
Unbekannt Unbekannt



v-LN: 1453528
Fuchs Irish Draught

Cream of Diamonds

privates Zuchtpferd

privates Zuchtpferd

Glenrevagh Rose

privates Zuchtpferd

privates Zuchtpferd

Offspring in this register

GW Storm the Shuttle has 4 Offspring
Name Birthed Breed Gender Color Dam Owner
S Storm The Beaches
v-LN: 8277670 - v-ID: 65515
01.01.2014 Irish Sport Horse Stallion Rappe S Caitria
v-LN: 535092 - v-ID: 59437
Gestüt Johannsen
S Hurricane Sue
v-LN: 5707977 - v-ID: 65279
17.10.2017 Irish Sport Horse Mare Brauner Countess of Bonmahon
v-LN: 9972698 - v-ID: 65293
Southern Acres Inc
So you Think FS
v-LN: 3461027 - v-ID: 44030
01.01.1999 Irish Sport Horse Mare Brauner Serendipity Clodagh
v-LN: 8026135 - v-ID: 44034
Winter Storm Wv
v-LN: 2407967 - v-ID: 58565
19.04.2017 Irish Sport Horse Mare Schimmel Serlait
v-LN: - v-ID: 58564
Southern Acres Inc

More information

GW Storm the Shuttle has no more information

Breeding Evaluation

GW Storm the Shuttle hasn't qualified for evaluation yet.


GW Storm the Shuttle has no awards

Results in the register

GW Storm the Shuttle is not registered at any association

GW Storm the Shuttle has not achieved any national results

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